What People Say

“What I got from the training was healing, on a very deep level. Things that I didn’t even know had been bothering me came up, and I didn’t even need to deal with them all individually in the group. They just kind of naturally worked themselves out. And I came away feeling just a lighter, happier person. I went in thinking it was all about work, and when I left it was all about me.”

– Pam, Personal Mastery Program graduate

I felt a sense of destiny at the first weekend of this training. I knew I was meant to be here, with these people, at this time and place. I took the training 8 years ago and was now at a place in my life where I was ready to take things to the next level. I can’t believe there’s only one weekend left now! The change in my life has been rich, layered, and profound. I quit my job, have secured some excellent consulting gigs, and I’m getting clearer and clearer every day on the vision for my future career. Kay has beautifully weaved the “manifesting” component into the NLP practitioner training. There’s no doubt I will be heavily using both my NLP skills and my refined prayer/manifesting skills in my new career. My mantra lately, thanks in large part to this class, is ‘You can have what you want!'”

– Evan, Personal Mastery Program graduate

I didn’t know what I wanted. And something that people have told me for years and years is that I’m really hard on myself. And I beat myself up mercilessly. I used to anyway. And I always thought, ‘yeah i’m hard on myself’, but I never understood how destructive it was, or I was never committed to changing that. And that’s the biggest change – and it is a huge change – is being kind to myself, and valuing myself. And letting go of all of that garbage about my identity and constantly evaluating myself, very low. I’ve kind of let go of the evaluation stuff. Much more free to be.”

– Briana, Personal Mastery Program graduate

“I came to class looking for tools, that’s what I mainly came for, that was my purpose. So I could deal with a difficult time in my life. And I received many tools and much more. I felt like it was a gift.”

– Ria, Personal Mastery Program graduate

“Two months into the program my boss said to me, ‘You’re unrecognizable!'” – Constance, Personal Mastery Program graduate

Being in the program was really exciting! I didn’t expect to develop the relationships with the people in the class that I did. Just the connection that we developed and the support for each other that was there was amazing. And just that community that developed around the people in the class was awesome. I also got a lot more out of it personally than I expected to. And as I learned more about it, I started finding areas in my life that I wanted to work on, that this could help me with. And I could deal with those, and then move on to the next thing. And it was just a very powerful yet gentle way to grow both personally and even professionally.” – Sara, Personal Mastery Program graduate

– Sara, Personal Mastery Program graduate