NLP Center for Change offers two main types of programs: Workshops, intended for beginners or those in need of a NLP refresher, and a dedicated Mastery Program spread out over the course of several months.


NLP Seattle training

Create Tomorrow Today

The Art and Science of Manifesting

Energy is totally responsive to thought and emotion. How we focus and what we focus on, literally creates our world. Mastery is being able to consistently focus our attention on our goals. Learning how to master your ability to focus your attention is exciting and empowering. Then it’s just a matter of getting clear about what is really important to you. Whether it’s relationship, money, health, career, education, or adventure that you want, you can define, and activate, the future that is perfect for you.  Grab a friend and share the fun of learning how to super charge your future.

NLP Seattle training
NLP Seattle training

Cutting Edge Communication

It’s about genuinely connecting

Communication is about people. It’s about people connecting in meaningful ways. It’s about creating understanding, appreciation, respect, trust, and so much more. Sometimes it it happens like magic, sometimes not. This seminar offers ways to make it natural and easy.

• “Read” peoples body language accurately. and learn how to build rapport naturally and easily.

• Learn how to gently step into the culture of another person and speak “their” language

People often think communication is about words. Words are less than 10% of communication between people. The really important element is physiology – each person has their own physiological language.
Learning how to instantly understand and speak their language quickly builds connection and trust.
Learning this skill-set is easy, fun, and life-changing.

• Another element of effective communication is the ability to manage emotional states thereby elevating the quality of the interaction.  Everyone benefits!

Whether it’s making a sale, making love, leading a team, or teaching a child, communication is the key to great relationships. Understanding and honoring another person’s “reality” up-levels the quality of the interaction and is the key to happy and healthy relationships.



Personal Mastery Program

This is a “complete package program” that gives you everything you need to create and continue creating the future you want.Whether it’s health, wealth, love, or happiness you are longing for, this mastery program will provide the skills, mindsets, and strategies to “program” yourself for dynamic success.

It is a proven experiential process. You can’t get it from books, CDs, DVDs, videos, etc. You can only learn this process through personal experience. And the beautiful thing is that it personalizes to you as you learn it.

Once you learn the structure of change and the tools for change, you become the master of change and can create whatever future you want. When you are done you haven’t just learned how to change, you have actually been using the tools to change yourself the entire time.

In this program, you steadily become more who you want to be.

Learn More About Personal Mastery
NLP Seattle training