Kay Ries, founder of NLP Choices As co-founder and director of NLP Choices for over 30 years I helped thousands of people discover who they are, and become more of who they want to be; to fulfill their personal goals and dreams. In founding the NLP Center for Change I am building on that foundation with an added focus on change in the world.
During the last 30 years I have focused on finding ways to simplify what is complex and make it increasingly easy and fun to learn and apply. Like life, mastery requires personal commitment, perseverance, and passion. Once you commit, and learn the process for creating there is a beautiful shift that happens; everything becomes possible, especially the future you want.
I am always grateful to participate in another person’s realization that they have the power to determine their future. (When people discover it’s possible for them the world changes.) Whether it’s through leading workshops, personal change-work, or teaching my Personal Mastery Program, nothing brings me more joy than helping people find their purpose in life and their joy and fulfillment in that purpose.
Too often we compromise away our hopes and dreams and settle for so much less than is possible. I am committed to working with people who dare to believe in themselves, and their dreams, and who go for what they want. There is nothing as thrilling and empowering as turning dreams into reality.
Everyday, people are creating the future they want. If you want to explore possibilities for you and your future, get connected with the NLP Center for Change and begin to change your life. It’s the beginning of changing the world.

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Kay Ries
Founder and Director of the NLP Center for Change
Developer of CREATE YOUR FUTURE Personal Mastery Program